Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas In New York ~ part 3


We had dinner at our hotel because when you get a round table next to the windows overlooking Times Square you dine there!  And for this family that NEVER (and I mean never) eats out it was wonderful...

(sorry, I forgot to fix that crooked picture)

We dressed quickly and headed to Radio City Music Hall for their Christmas Spectacular (with the ... scream... Rockettes)

41 49 collage


As we were walking up the staircase I over hood a woman say to her friend, "oh that would be wonderful... to have a daughter to take to a show like this."  It made me beam.  Because I knew she was right.


I wanted to remember every single second of this evening. The way her coat fit her almost teenage (ness). The way she wore little heals. The way the silver Barret fit her and her little red suede shoes. I soaked in the black fur on her Rothschild coat with the pleats in the back. And the white tights. Everything. The way Anna never let go of her hand until they were safely in their seats.



This was us in 2011 (can I please have my babies back?)

show 7


The snowflakes on the ceiling


Waiting for a show to start is the very best part.


I didn't take photos during the show because I put my camera down to enjoy it. Abigail sat on my lap (on the edge of my lap from excitement) the whole time. And she talked to me the whole time. She said things like, "here they go mama. They're going to do it. Here come the famous kicks." and "that HAS to be the grand finale (even though it was only the third scene) because that is so amazing."

And I watched my twelve year old giggling and loving every moment too. Scott and I were on either end of the girls and kept looking at them and smiling to each other. That night was such a gift to us. Not seeing the show but seeing our girls see the show. Pure romance. Nothing is more romantic than moments like that. Nothing.


And then after Scott took us out for dessert at a fancy hotel. It was a big day and the girls looked like this.


New York cheesecake (and a pot of tea)


Once we got back to the hotel they perked up a bit (jammies do that, don't they?)



Sunday was Anna's favorite part. She whispered to me, "Mass here was glorious." (St. Patrick's Cathedral)

54 55 collage

And this is there, "I see American girl just across the street! Are we done with pictures yet???"

56 collage

A bit of window shopping.


58 collage

And we bought a few little gifts for little girls on our list.


Resting a bit in Rockefeller Center (where the giant Christmas tree and ice skaters are)


See the yellow behind this little tree? The Rockefeller tree isn't lit yet and this was covering it.

61 collage

Watching the skaters. Someday we're going to ice skate there and someday I'm going to dine in that restaurant overlooking the rink.


We stopped for a bit to eat and then it was time to head home. Christmas getaway weekend 2015 all done. Until next year...


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  1. Tara, I have no words....
    I read through this and held my breath as I scrolled down.
    Each photo and caption made me feel as if I were right there.
    Thank you for that!
    For sharing this marvelous experience not only with your beautiful daughters ,but also with us!
    I see the joy in your face! I know what you felt in your heart!
    And it makes me soooo happy!!!!!
    And may I add, Scott is the man!