Monday, June 3, 2013

Treasures in the Transitions

Cindy posted a comment in one of my posts where I was feeling a bit caught.  "Enjoy these transition days too... they hold treasures of their own."  When I read that I came downstairs and loaded my weekend snapshots on to the computer and felt a huge, "she's right... there are treasures in these transition days."  My quick snapshots are the proof.

So I'm going to start to enjoy these transition days a bit more.  Sure the planner in me likes my schedule all lined up and neatly in order.  And sure this one foot still in the school year and one foot into summer can make me feel all scrambled with all of the end of the year deadlines piled up on top of it.  But just look at the fun we had this weekend.  And we did it with in these "caught" days. 

weekend collage

weekend collage 2

I love these days too... thanks for reminding me Cindy! 

There was...

watering still in her nightgown
baby cousin love
grandpa's slip and slide
she's a cuddlebug even when daddy is busy replanting flowers
first swim in the pool
dinner picnic in our backyard
serving me food from the pretend kitchen
first "hot dog man" hotdogs ourside and she says, "this is the first taste of summer!"
earning swoop scoops at school... proud!

PS~ yes :)  I see that hole in my collage... but if you could see my kitchen floor and kitchen sink you'd understand why in my last ten minutes before school pick  up fixing that collage up is just not happening... :)


  1. Oh happy happy days indeed, Tara...I love the first pic and little Abigail's hair braid! And that Cindy...she is a wise one! : )

    Have a nice evening friend! : )

  2. I love Cindy's true. I am really going to try to just relax and enjoy each day this summer. The kids were in their pjs yesterday at 11:45 playing soccer in the backyard and I was ok with it. :)
    Enjoy your day...

  3. wow! if I had known I was going to be quoted I would have tried to be more profound!:) haha :)
    so glad you found some treasures! and did you ever. love all of these tara, especially the watering in the nightgown, (Aubrey and dave water a lot) and Abigail looks so sweet and proud of herself!
    and you holding that baby.....!:)

    have a happy day tara

    where do you do your collages?
    I am just regular ol' picasa and picmonkey. love the way yours look.


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