Friday, May 31, 2013


I feel caught. 


Caught between the "end of school" and it's still not summer for four more weeks here in New England.  Caught between Irish Step, Viola lessons, group viola lessons, indoor tennis lessons, and church school being done and getting a hold of our newly found 'after school' time.  Don't get me wrong... I'm thrilled that all that extracurricular stuff is done but we're getting into a new routine around here and it still doesn't feel right.  All that stuff ended but I can't totally let my guard down.  There's still homework, school night bedtimes, practicing viola and I'm managing all that and feeling a bit out of wack.  The strict  scheduler, make em do their homework and practice viola before fun Mom is still there but it's mixed in with "let's play a game on a blanket in the middle of the backyard" mom.  Ya see?  Summer mom mixed in with it's still school mom. Caught.

I'm caught in the middle of ahhh Abigail's party is done and was a huge hit let's let go and invite friends over for icecream and drinks tonight with Anna's huge bash is just seven days away... where's that to do list... I've gotta start in on that!  Caught.

Caught in this wacky weather.  47 degrees and raining last weekend to 94 hot and humid today.  Fleeces to sunscreen.  Make sure they're warm enough to make sure they each bring two filled thermos bottles of water to school and that every strand of their hair is up and they have the loosest, coolest possible clothing.  Caught.

Caught in weird weekends that don't feel normal for us. Tomorrow is our first pool club day.  I'm not ready.  I pulled out the bathing suits, slathered on my fake tan from a bottle, made sure we have tons of sunscreen but I'm never 'ready' for the first time there.  Caught.

Caught in hoping that school never ends because I love Kindergarten (sob, sob, sob) and Fourth grade so much to wishing it would just end today so that we could start in on summer.  Caught. 

Usually the best way out of being caught is a good house clean for me.  I get out the vacuum, bake a pie (chocolate chip cookie pie is in the oven as I type), change the sheets, straighten my desk, tidy up the kitchen, organize my to do lists, and turn on some happy music.  I always feel like I can face anything when the house is clean and my schedule is organized.  (I get that from my Mom I know I do) But I'm caught.  Caught in wanting to do all of that house stuff and actually like doing it and taking my devotional and Bible outside before the girls get home to sit in the shady garden and read.  Caught.

This being "caught" is for the birds.  Who by the way still love coming to my house! 

Wishing you all a happy weekend... may you all be caught doing exactly what you love! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean, Tara! Exactly. And what makes me feel better is exactly the same thing. Cut from the same cloth we are, dear friend!

    Hope your weekend evens it all out for you ! : )

  2. oh goodness I know this feeling! we are just starting to feel like it's summer for real...but I felt exactly like this for most of may!
    doesn't help with all your bloggy buddies out for good already too does it!:) enjoy these transition days too...they hold treasures of their own:)
    have a happy day tara