Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th she became 10!

Proof that ten year old still wear ribbons in their hair.




Anna's big Aloha party is this weekend.  But my favorite part of my daughters birthday is always their 'real' day.  We always celebrate small.  A favorite dinner cooked, a simple, non themed cake and a few gifts.


Nothing like the sister homemade gifts.


I took Anna out of school for lunch at Panera... a yummy treat for sure.



And then when Daddy came home and dinner was done it was time for presents.

Really if they have a big party there are not supposed to be big presents.  The party is supposed to be their big present.  So really, these were things that Anna has been needing (well, some of them)

Of course Abigail's gift took the cake!  She'd been hiding this My Little Pony that Anna wanted forever.  I can't believe that she kept it a secret that long!  And boy was Abigail thrilled to see her sister open it!





And then on to some practicals from us.

Anna has a thing for soft sheets so when I saw these I knew she had to have them.


And Anna loves the color white and it was time for a new bedspread anyway.  She loves it.


She's been asking for her own Bible to go along with a devotional she reads.  One day I'll have to post on Anna and her faith walk.. it amazes me.  So she got this cute and sassy Bible.



Oh and this... I couldn't help myself.  Abigail got this for her recent birthday and I knew they'd have much more fun playing together this summer with two sets. 


Talking on the phone with my parents.


And then the icing on the cake... drum roll please... she lost her tenth tooth on her tenth birthday on June tenth!!! Just before bed... so the tooth fairy would also have to bring a gift, what a day!



  1. What a happy birthday for your Anna! I love the sheer happiness in her smile...what memories you are making for your girls, dear Tara...

    Have a nice summer evening! Chilly and rainy here...

  2. happy birthday sweet anna!
    love this day you helped create...from the lunch at Panera, to abigails joy in giving.:) great gift givers and receivers are so much fun aren't they?:)
    and losing a tooth on your golden birthday (that's what the girls call it when you turn the age of your birthdate)only helped to seal the deal!!
    what a happy happy day

  3. All that AND the tooth!! That's awesome! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! May God bless her abundantly throughout this next year :)


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