Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things Going On Around Here

We're almost there... I can see the finish line... but right now exhaustion is at an all time high.  Scott and I are dazed with end of the year duties.  Mine as room parent and a mommy, his as a principal. 

Anna and a special friend this year.  They are as different as Tarzan and Jane.  But I love them together.  Friendship and kindness is all that matters.  Anna in her white eyelet dress and Haley with her sprayed hair :)  Here they are at the Fun Fair... I was busy of course running the Kindergarten booth so I only got two shots. 

And it doesn't help that everyone in our families has a birthday between Mother's Day and the end of the school year.  Almost all of the cousins, grandparents, my siblings, my daughters, and everyone in between. 

Abigail at the fun fair in line... she looks so little to me. 

We're "pulling Christmas hours" as I call them with Scott.  As organized as I am we're franticly wrapping when we should be sleeping, running to staples for room parent copies, I'm at their school every single day... phew! 

Anna's art work at the Art Show... not her school.  She takes art lessons on Saturday mornings about 30 minutes away... awesome program and so worth the drive.

I think when that first "lazy day of summer" hits we're going to watch Disney movies back to back all day.  (in our jammies)  I don't think I'll even have enough energy for the pool that first day.  Oh no... Scott and I leave for Philly those first few days to go to that EE conference.

The CT Art show end of the year. 

 Meanwhile, we trudge through.  Not in a bad way really... I'm not too crabby despite all that is circling around me.  Surprisingly it's all okay as long as I get my laundry and cleaning in each day even if it's late at night.  I've got to have an organized house, good dinner, and clean floors.  Then I can do anything. 

They had fun frame and pictures scenes this year. 

I know that the end is in sight but it's sure hard believing that it will ever come. 

Just so I can remember when I'm 80... her puppy's name is New York City because... well she got him there. 

I'm mixed of course.  They had the most amazing teachers this year.  I'll sure miss my place in Abigail's kindergarten class... sweet as can be.  And with another year ending means that they are another grade level older, sigh.  June 25th... it'll tug at the heartstrings for sure. 

Celebrating the end of her 6th year... I didn't tell them even though they gave her a bear that said 5 years.  I should know... I 've been driving her for that many years. :)

So today I'll soak in the littleness that is still in my kitchen, bathtime, bedtime, and on the way to school.  Little pink butterfly sandals, and Anna's pink butterfly backpack.  I'd love to sum up this post with some happy words of wisdom... but I'm just too tired. 


Just another piece she liked.


  1. Ohh Tara...I know the feeling of wanting to be done. Just done. But then realizing that after summer, they will be one year older...Sigh...

    I am tired just reading about the busy days you all are living! I am right there with you on loving the laid back -summer is brand new -stay in our jammies days.

    They are coming, dear friend, awaiting you like a beautifully wrapped present, waiting to be opened... Hang in there!

    And please tell Anna her artwork is AMAZING!

  2. Anna's artwork is SO beautiful. Tell her we think so! Oh those busy days...I've decided we will start even earlier than usual (in July) just so we can wrap up earlier in May. Besides, the heat in July and August is unbearable down here...somewhat like the cold, harsh winters in Jan/Feb up north. Hang in's almost over.

  3. you sound like me!! and it's summer here for goodness sakes!:) tell me to enjoy the crazy will ya? I know I need to:))

    amazing art work!! totally worth that drive in my book. anna looks so proud and happy and beautiful!

    so a weekend away right at the beginning of summer...perfect timing right? you'll come back relaxed and recharged for sure!

    have a happy day tara


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