Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not too Much


The view from up here... looking out of the girls bathroom window.  This is what Abigail sees every single morning as she stands on the toilet so I can do her hair.  I ask her to tell me the weather and if she sees any of my bird friends. 


And last evening.  Daddy came home for dinner with us but had to head back out again for a school meeting.  The girls rode their bikes and I walked fast behind them (Abigail is getting quite quick on that bike) and then it was journal time.  They love to grab their clipboards that I keep in the mudroom to write down their outdoor discoveries.  Are those barefoot feet I spot? 


What fun they have in that last hour before bath and bedtime.  I'm usually so tired by then.  I wish I had their joy and energy up until my head hits the pillow too. 


A lot of rain this week.  I'm happy for the girls that it's not hot like it usually is for them in school.  Here's hoping that the back yard dries out for our luau on Saturday.  A big ten year old Hawaiian bash coming up!  Can't wait! 


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  2. Lovely thoughts , Tara... Can't wait for the party pics!

  3. I feel the same way many nights! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your luau pictures....We are having a Hello Kitty Hula party in July.

  4. what a beautiful lush and dewey few from that window of yours.:)

    i can hear Abigail's giggles and squeals as she got "busted"! we have been bending that rule lately too. must be all that soft green grass to blame.

    love the clipboard idea. we should take our summer journals outside today too.

    and having joy till my head hits the pillow....oh that sounds beautiful. but i would at least settle for keeping it all till THEIR heads hit the pillow!!:) haha much better morning mommy then nite time one!:)

    have a happy day tara and praying for sunshine, dry grass and perfect temps for Saturday.