Friday, June 14, 2013

Faith Filled Friday ~ It's Mine

In the day to day of raising my girls I don't want to forget the little things I weave into our lives to teach them about God, a personal relationship with Jesus, and to be earnestly seeking the Lord. 

One of these days I'll do a big, long post on my faith journey but for now just a little tidbit from our morning.  But first, a little background on this one...

I'm always trying to give them some wisdom, fill them with my love of the Lord, and how much we need God in our day to day lives.  I'm not an expert mind you... just a mom trying to fill their hearts with the things of the Lord little by little as God leads me. 

One of the ways I do that is through scripture memory.  Oh to have those deep, beautiful words from God residing in our souls.  To be able to call it up when it's needed without having to look it up.

This particular scripture I had Anna copy down when she was going through some school friendship issues this year.  She was constantly thinking about these "problems" and how to solve them.  She'd talk my ear off for the better half of the afternoon and the evenings.  It just bothered her so that friendships could have problems.  And she was constantly asking my advice and seeking a way to "fix" the problem. 

My heart went out to her.  I loved how much she cared but I also worried as the weeks went on that she was giving too much concern for this friend and her issues.  So I told her it was time to really pray about it, release the problems into God's hands and let it go so that He could work on it. 

Its the "let it go so He can work on it" that gave her the toughest time.  I do think that we as adults struggle with the same thing.  We pray and then we continue to hold on to the problem, still trying to fix it in the natural.  I told her that mommy still works on that part of prayer too. 

So she copied down this scripture.  It was in her pocket at recess for months and she would take it out and read it just before recess every day.   It wasn't long before God changed her thinking and she started talking about the problem less and "moved on" to happier things.  And it wasn't long until she had memorized it and had it deep in her heart. 


This morning that same card was on our kitchen table.  Abigail picked it up and started reading it, sounding out the words bit by bit.  Part of her reading was from 'memory' as she'd heard Anna read the verse so many times.  Well, Anna wasn't so sure she wanted her card in her little sisters syrupy hands.  "It's my verse, Abigail.  I don't want you to get it dirty." 

And then it hit me.  "It's MY verse."  (and nothing she could have said that morning would have made me happier.) Certainly "it's mine" usually gets you in trouble in this house.  But not when you're talking about God's Word and it's finally sinking in by saying that that it is yours. 

Yes it is.  It's now your verse Anna.  It belongs to you and you'll have it forever but wouldn't it be wonderful if Abigail had it too? 


And so her little sister read it.  And read it and read it.  And one day little Abigail will be able to pull it out when she needs it.  And now it belongs to her... to all of us really.

And so it goes...

Set your heart on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
Set your mind on things above, not on earthy things.
Colossians 3:2  


  1. Tara...this made my eyes tear and my heart smile...what a gift you are giving your daughters, teaching them to call upon God to help with troubles.

    I could use this verse myself at times!

    Thanks dear friend for sharing such a beautiful moment!

  2. You are planting the seeds well!

  3. so so beautiful tara!
    and such a beautiful verse to have in your "pocket"!:)
    and like billie jo said...I need this one too!:)
    have a happy day