Thursday, June 27, 2013


Before the last day of school and our schedule was already feeling a bit summerish the girls had some fun with friends.  Abigail had this sweet friend over from her Kindergarten class.  Oh the giggles... I adored every minute of the two hours, and vowed to have more 6 year old play dates here this summer!



Abigail has such an easy time with friends. She's open, and kind of foot loose and fancy free so play dates are easy for her. And then there's Anna. She has a special friend at school who often rings the door bell asking Anna to bike ride with her. It took a lot of asking and then me to tell Anna that one day her friend will stop coming to ask for a bike ride if the answer is always no. So one day just before the last day of school Anna said yes when the doorbell rang. Even though they weren't going far in the neighborhood I was nervous letting her go off on her own. I made Abigail stop what she was doing and pray with me. And then there was even a call to Scott with a "did I do the right thing?" question.


But she did great... for a wobbly, not so sure of herself bike rider that she is.


But the best friends of all are hands down these sisters.


Here's to many long summer days with lots of friends and lots more family time!

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  1. I couldn't agree more, Tara...friends are wonderful, but sisters as friends...the BEST! And thanks for the kind words, dear friend. You know I feel the exact same way!

    Have a wonderful weekend! : )