Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Do you have this cookbook? 


I've had it since it was published.  When Abigail was really little I could get her to eat almost anything from it.  Then when she got a bit older and wiser to the "secret ingredients"  I put it back on the shelf for a while.  Well, I recently got it out again. 

I've been noticing in her pictures lately how un~rosy her cheeks are, how little she is, and how I just can't really explain how "not quite so healthy" she seems to me.  I know that her disease is the main factor in her growth and development and perhaps her dark circles and lack of rosy six year old glow.  It's because of her disease that she just doesn't eat "normal" food.  Her diet is extremely restricted and has made her certain about never eating a fruit or a vegetable.  She exists on her elecare and simple meals made at home.


But last weekend I sat her down and said it was time to do food therapy again for fruits and vegetables or she could pick a few things out of this cookbook.  But this time the vegetable purees wouldn't be kept a secret.  I made it pain and clear that the soup, brownies, and french toast she picked would have spinach, sweet potato, carrot, and beets. 


I diced, I steamed, I pureed the vegetables and then made all of the recipies she picked out.  She faked it for the first bite, "oh mommy... this is sooooo good."  And then, "I'm kinda full."  Thumbs down for all of the food we've tried.  One night I was so deflated I dumped dessert into the sink and washed it down the drain. 

There have been many many times that food and eating has brought Abigail to tears.  And there have been many many times that food and eating has brought me to tears right along with her.  Scott is the solid rock in our ongoing food battle.  He's calm and patient with her assuring me that elecare takes care of her needs.  But once, just once I'd be so happy to see her eat something that might just might help her to grow. 

This June Scott and I are heading to PA to the National Eosinophilic Esophogitis conference.  I'm praying that I might meet some other moms who struggle with not only a restricted diet but who just won't eat.  I plan on coming home armed with new strategies, new hope and maybe some new patience.  For now... well... I think I'll go mix some Elecare. 


  1. Praying for you you deal daily with something I for one take for are a wonderful mommy, dear friend! : )

  2. so sorry tara!
    this is such a hard battle!! and even though we all may face some version of it while getting our kiddos to eat fruits/veggies and other things, none of it compares to your struggles!:(
    so hoping that your trip to PA will give you all you're wishing for and more!