Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Here!

kitchen 11

Oh it feels like Christmas now.  We're all holly jolly at our house.  Mostly because school is done and Scott is home with us until after the New Year.  And because we're buzzing about with Christmas Spirit. 

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A few 1am wrapping nights but we're not tired.  Lots to do for our dinner with 16 people on Christmas Eve but it all is falling into place. 

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Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year. 

kitchen 2

I love every minute.

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We're brimming with China tea cups and polished silver. 

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Sparkling with dresses hanging and ready to go for Christmas Eve Mass.

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And we're soaking in every single minute of this Christmas. 

It's just begun.  Light a candle.  Take some pictures.  And breathe in the pine smell... it's Christmas! 

This year we made our special "Royal icing" cookies like we always do... labor of love these are.

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But this year we tried this new recipe.

After you make your cookie dough you divide it into three parts. Then dye one green, one red, one yellow. The green (tree) gets rolled out flat. The yellow become the ornaments and the red the garland.



Create a decorated tree and then roll on top.



When you cut out trees they are already decorated. Beautiful!

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Oh yeah, it's Christmas!



  1. Oh Tara...How I wish we lived closer! How I wish my family could bring a plate of Christmas goodies over and visit with your sweet family in your beautiful Christmas home! Oh well... I will settle for our Blogger Friendship and sending our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy and take lots of pictures, please! : )

  2. LOVE this idea for the cookies! I think I'll try it for Valentine's Day or Easter since I am SOOOOO done with Christmas cookies right about now!
    Thx for passing ont he idea.
    Nancy-of the crazy 9