Friday, December 21, 2012

4th Grade Luncheon

While I get to be in the Kindgergarten classroom often, fourth graders don't need volunteers as much.  So as soon as an opportunity comes up I jump on it. 

Anna's grade had a luncheon.  Every parent in the grade cooked, prepared, baked, and made it beautiful.  The food smelled and looked amazing... it was hard not to sample as I was serving kids.  The parents really went all out and the kids were so excited. 


Anna's teachers... I love them.  Each year she's been matched with the most wonderful teachers who are willing to do anything to meet her emotional needs.  We are so grateful all of the time for these caring, dedicated professionals, but especially this week when the nation is remembering that teachers are every day heroes. 


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  1. How wonderful...I love your school, Tara! For real! Beautiful picture, too! : )