Friday, December 21, 2012


At this rate I'll be posting pictures of our Christmas activities in June!!! Somehow when I take a day or two off of looking at pictures, loading them, and writing here it's hard to get back into it. Part of it is pure Christmas busyness; part of it is still this tragedy that is still so raw here in Connecticut. There are still police at the arrival and dismissal at our school each day. There are funerals for those babies who were taken too soon throughout this week. And my heart is still heavy for them. Scott has nightmares each night about being a principal. It is so hard.

But the two 'babies' in my life keep me happy. Their joy these weeks is infections. And those twenty one kindergartners in Abigail's class bring me a smile each day that I'm in their class volunteering.

I'm relieved that this room parents job of helping to create a 'gingerbread celebration' for the three Kinder class is finally done. Phew... as I dropped off the box of supplies for the parties tomorrow.

Now on to my too long list....

I thought I'd procrastinate some more and look back at some of the Christmas joy we've had in this house. It makes my heart smile.

This weekend we carried on with our Christmas plans despite the deep sadness we felt.

On Saturday Abigail had her last group viola class until the new year. We baked mini cupcakes for the party,





and they played the cutest games in class. Just the day after the shooting and these little five year old giggled and brought us joy.




And the evening before Anna was in her school Orchestra concert. We were so proud of her for joining in the 5th grade orchestra as a 4th grader. It was a special night.


And proud of Abigail who sat through the concert with her class during school and again at night with mommy and daddy... way past bedtime!


Somewhere in December we celebrated Anna turning 9 1/2. She requested an ice cream sundae cup...

anna half bday

I'm ignoring that part of the post so I don't get too "where did my baby go" emotional.

And their school pictures arrived. They always make me smile!


That was a mighty big bow I put on Abigail that day!


And then on Saturday we went up to Kringle Candle for a Christmas lunch and to see Santa.


It's a beautiful place tucked into the hills of New England. We just love it.


And anyone who can accommodate Abigail's allergies wins us over.



Outdoor markets to meander through...


Old fashioned wooden toy store.


And the most amazing Santa I've ever seen. I'm not a good picture taker when it comes time to take pictures of my girls with Santa. He was the real one I'm sure of it and I couldn't get over how amazing he looked that I couldn't get my settings right.

blog santa 1

The girls were so nervous and barely talked. (they knew we was the 'real one' too)

blog santa 2

Even though they didn't talk Santa carried on. He was right out of storybook magnificent.

The only one of Anna smiling. What are you doing Abigail?

blog santa 3

The only one of Abigail smiling. What are you doing Anna?

blog santa 4

They were so stiff and wouldn't talk I was a bit upset with them. Really I was. (not my best parenting moment) He was amazing and they were 'wet noodles'. Oh well...

When we got outside Anna came up to me and said, "we'll go back and do it again, mommy." And then I felt really bad.

lights 1

But we recovered and enjoyed the night and the lights and the little chocolate shop and hot chocolate cafe.

lights 2

lights 3

lights 4

When we got home after baths the girls cuddled in bed with us while Daddy read them the Nutcracker... but that's a whole different post.

Merry Christmas is having two little girls home for Christmas in just 30 minutes... Ho, HO, Ho... away I go...

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  1. Happy Christmas Vacation, dear friend! Beautiful post, as always! I love your traditions...keep sharing them! : )