Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Things Go a Long Way

One of the first things I do when I decorate my kitchen for Christmas (or any season) is my little tea area. I don't save my Christmas china cups for the "big day" but use it all season long.


All set for my morning cup of tea or our tea together at night.


And just when I needed a little pick me up... there's no "calling in sick" for mom...

I found these tucked under my kitchen gingerbread tree this morning. 

"I found these and thought you might like them.  You make our home so nice no matter what the season. Love you!"

(little "let it snow" and "home" signs)

"I know how you love curling up to a Christmas story.  No one loves Christmas more than you!" 


And just this weekend Anna said (not to me but kind of out loud like a proclamation) "Our house is always so festive all year round." 

Be still my heart... I could go for months on these! 

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  1. Love your tea area, Tara...and what an awesome hubby you have there! Enjoy! : )