Friday, December 28, 2012

Walking In... The Magic

blog the set up  3

blog the set up 6

Do I really have to wait a whole year to see these faces like this again?

walking in 1

walking in 2

blogwalking in 3

blog walkinn 4

blog walking in 5

blog walking in 6

blog walking in 7

blog walking in 8

blog walking in 9

blog walking in 10

blog the set up 4

blog the set up 5

blog the set up 8

blog the set up 9

Orchestrated right out of my childhood... where I learned the magic of Christmas best.  The fireplace is crackling, Frank Sinatra Christmas songs playing, the tree lit, and pretty lamps on... for these moments. 

blog the set up 2

blog the set up 7
(little house on the prarrie... more on that later)

I don't think I can.  Maybe we can have Christmas in July! 

blog the set up 10


  1. Precious...precious...precious...Tara, just exactly how the magic of Christmas morning and children should be... : )

  2. oh those faces!!:) i wanna kiss em!
    it's kind of sad that it only happens once a year...sigh...and it's done.:( but i am loving your s.l.o.w. recap of the season, it's stretching it out that way!:)
    have a happy night tara

    can't wait to hear all about little house...janey and i are reading them together.:)


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