Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Purse Camera Post

Best friends in their jammies


Word ring with Kinder sight words


Lots of mommy hours here with both girls working with them on reading and viola.


Someone was super excited on this snowy morning we had last week.


Lots to carry


Achievement Days for Suzuki viola... kind of like her report card


Pumpkin Chocolate chippers... and after school snack


Ohhhh the UCONN Children's Book Fair. I was sick but went anyway... couldn't bear to miss those piles of books, their smell, and authors waiting to sign them. I live for this day!


Well I was excited about meeting Ladybug Girl. Abigail, not so much!



Barbara McClintock one of my favorite illustrators.



Arts and Crafts


At home reading (and crying through) the end of Charlotte's Web. I think I've read this book aloud 11 times now. Once to each of the classes I taught and to Anna when she was younger and now Abigail. The part at the end about about Charlotte being a friend loyal and true... gets me every time.



  1. much to love here! Let's see...I remember the sight word rings : ) How I miss those homework is algebra and chemistry ...not my area of expertise! But someday too soon, I know, those days will return!

    I am also loving the peek at your home! So beautiful and comforting!

    Feel like I could reach right through the screen and help myself to one of your cookies! So good with a tall glass of milk : )

    Sorry you were sick for the wonderful looking book fair! But sooo glad you made it! I would have gone to that if I had to drag an IV behind me! I have never been to anything like that! Ahhhhhh Heaven!

    And finally...Charlotte's Web... I read that aloud to my class every year too! : ) Happy Day, friend!

    P.S. I am just like you! Thanksgiving night, as soon as I wipe the counters...I am ready to pack up all fall and get to Christmas!

  2. oh look at those books...i just want to touch them and smell them too!!:) i totally get you there!:)
    what an amazing day for you all.

    anna looks so happy and relaxed in these shots. love it.
    and abigail's enthusiasm for the snow! love it too although i really don't get that one. it's so pretty but i don't like being in it...i'm an anti-cold kind of girl!!:)

    love those sight word rings. and i LOVE your wood floors!!
    so glad to see you in some of the pics too.

    have a happy day tara


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