Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Country Trees


This tradition started because I wanted the girls to have "kid ornaments" and my real living room tree I've named my "Sax Fifth Avenue Tree".  I'm super picky about it and barely even let the girls go near it since it's covered with glass ornaments.

So the little country trees were added to our family room.  Each Thanksgiving morning the girls find two new ornaments on our Thanksgiving mantle. 


And the fun begins. (This is not a Hallmark commerical, but it could be... this is how they really react.) The whole opening their new ornaments takes them a loooong time. They're sweet that way.



They watch each other.


And take their time.


And take their time.


It's like this on Christmas morning too. They make it last forever.



We love it this way of course.

I write on each box why I picked each ornament for them so that each year when they take out the box and unwrap a treasured oldie but goodie they remember why mommy and daddy picked that one for them.

"To Abigail, my sweetest little Kindergartner, may your school days always be as happy as they are now. Filled with friendship, learning, and love. I'm so proud of you this year. I love you."


I gave this one to Anna last year and last year she hung it in the back. I'd move it to the front and she'd move it back to the back of the tree. Ugh... such a sign. This year I nearly fell over when she hung it front and center! Be still my heart!


So these little country trees have ornaments that light up and sing, penguins dance around.





It is filled with places we've been.


And homemade ones from preschool too.




For sure a tradition we'll have for a long time. We'll either have to add more little trees or get a bigger one. But I like the little ones the best.

I told Scott this year that some day when I'm old and grey I'll take out these boxes and read my little messages that I wrote to the girls and cry. The best parts of Christmas are the remembering. My all time favorite decorations are the ones that pull at my heartstrings because they are memories of Christmas pasts with my babies.  Last year is here.  :)


  1. Oh you know I love this one Tara! And of course I love the country trees! So sweet!! The homemade ones are the best, right? Yay... Christmas is here! Have a great day, friend...

  2. i am sooooo doing this this year tara! in fact i already bought a big plastic tub for each girl to fill!:) didn't think about the boxes though...we may need bigger ones!!
    i'm on the hallmark site right now...tell me you got the girls this one:


    cause if you didn't we will!!:) i want it soooo badly but they need to make one with three!!:)

    have a happy day and i can't wait to go shopping for ornaments!!:)

    i'm buying a few extra to fill in all those "lost years" ya know!:)))


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