Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Yes, it's snowing here... and pretty hard! We're looking at 4+ inches.  I couldn't be happier. The girls will be home early from school today and I can't wait to spend the afternoon with them in this cozy house. I think it might be the perfect day for paper dolls.


Halloween is all down and put away here. I 'let' :) a lot of the fall stay up and add in just a few Thanksgiving things. I found this fall berry garland at a charming country store this weekend. Billie Jo... you would have loved this store!





I sprinkle this on everything. On oatmeal in the morning, in my tea, when ever I can... ohh the smell!


Love my turkey salt and pepper from that country store. Do ya just love when things are in clearance and the holiday hasn't even happened yet?



I've got a thing for seasonal cookbooks and no one does it better than Gooseberry Patch. Anything to motivate the weeknight dinner menu planning. Why do I always dive right into the dessert section of these?


Flowers from a special friend for no reason at all.


Yes, there are plenty of other things I should be doing but home making and cozying up my home is a must. It makes all of the other tasks so much more enjoyable. Wow... I sound straight out of a 1950's Goodhousekeeping magazine. And I don't care. I was watching the election news late into the night last night and wondering as they were announcing the US Senate race winners why oh why would those ladies want to do that? I don't mean to put them down at all. They bring such balance to the government both big and small that we need. But as for me... when I'm their age... I'll be happy as can be unpacking my turkey salt and pepper. It's the simple, sweet (and seasonal) things in life that make me happy.


  1. I love this, Tara...and yes, I believe I would have loved that country store : )...I love all your cozy autumn touches around your home. And I agree! My mother always tells me I was born in the wrong decade...I would have loved to be a 1950's housewife! But then again, what would I do without blogging? I would not have made friends with such wonderful people who share my interests and passion for motherhood and home like you and Cindy... Happy snowy day!

  2. oh a snow day...ahhhhh!:) i must admit though, i am not quite ready for one YET!:) but when i am look out.
    love all the fall and thanksgiving touches around your home. i have been working on a few things too. and please feel free to go right to the desserts and then post the recipes k?:)
    have a wonderful, snowy, cozy day with your girls and those paper dolls.


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