Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Ohhh I love this song....

When 'these kind' of song are on I tell the girls that daddy and mommy used to sing to each other like this a long time ago... of course we didn't but I love the look on their faces trying to picture that. 

Today we had a delay... extra morning time... boy we love that.  I love snow! 

Abigail was so excited about packing her "snow bag" for recess telling me what HAS to be in there to play in the snow (as if I have no idea).  Kind of sad that I won't see her jumping in the snow with her Kinder friends. 


  1. My kids say..."Lucky!" No snow here...yet! Enjoy!

  2. love it...I'm gonna try telling the girls we sang like that too and see if they fall for it!!:)
    love abigails enthusiasm to get all the details right. kinder magic for sure.
    have a happy day tara