Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little Purse Camera Post

All straight out the camera.  (set on some funky cool setting)

Anna reading books that are way too easy for her drives her Daddy and I crazy!!!


Practicing when you're a beginner is hard!


"reading" one of Anna's books in the big chair is fun!


Someone was super excited in line on the 'wear your Halloween costume to Kindergarten' day.


Beaming... that owl (school mascot) with a backpack


Volunteering at Anna's 4th grade party... gotta sneak your camera out


Love the trees right outside the windows. 




He's in my Sunday Religous Ed class!



  1. Soo fun, Tara...and she is indeed beaming! : ) Happy Monday...

  2. both of the girls read books that are way below their level sometimes but i try not to let it get to me...i kind of think of it like me losing myself in a magazine or pottery barn kids catalog!!:) sometimes it's nice to just veg and let the words float into your head instead of trying to put each one in! make sense?!!:)

    little abigail practicing so hard is the sweetest and when aubrey reads the dictionary or the bible and makes up her own story it just warms my heart and cracks me up all at once.

    love the peeks into anna's classroom. i saw "have you filled a bucket". they have another one that is really good for the upper grades too and we have read it at home several times..i love it.

    and that owl costume!!!!!!!! i am soooooo into owls and she is the sweetest one i've seen. love those PBK costumes even though i have never bought one!!:)

    ok...enough from me.:)
    i have like the biggest email to send to you in my draft box.....:)
    have a happy day tara


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