Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Purse Camera Post

It's that time of year.  I feel a bit of quickness in my heart.  The Grandparents have already started buying presents for Christmas.  I know because they've asked me a few questions about what the girls might like this year.  The commercials are on TV.  The stores are already offering "deals" to shop early.  I love it all.. really I do.  But it does make my heart beat a bit quicker when I think about all that this season requires. 

So one thing I'd like to do is to keep updating this blog.  It would be easy to just drop this since pretty soon there will be a million things pulling me in a million directions.  This year I'm going to savor the sweet moments the best that I can (as we always try to do) and remember that it's moments that are often captured with my little purse camera that make me so happy. 

Anna had a special friend over this weekend. 


They spent two hours doing this.


Abigail did a lot of this... this weekend. She's sick again! Nothing serious; just a bad cold and mild fever... but enough to knock her out... poor thing. Something tells me she won't be in school tomorrow... yeah... I've been missing 'Little Bear'.


So after I taught Anna's Religious Ed class and we went to church we stopped for a treat on the way home. (because Abigail is allergic we never do these things... makes it extra special) (oh how I love a Peter Pan collar, a corduroy jumper, and maryjanes... oh how she only tolerates what she calls "double layers")


Good thing she's my walking partner at night!


Oh and a random... I love dresses just above the knee shot because I couldn't help myself.


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


  1. Love these "everyday things" posts, Tara...and please don't even think about letting this blog go! : ) But I am with you about that quickness feeling! There is alot to do...but as Steve reminds me often...somehow, it always gets done! Hope your little is feeling better. Enjoy Little Bear!

  2. i just love that kind of play! the kind that goes on forever and needs so very little in the way of "stuff"!!:)
    hope abigail is feeling better!!
    have a happy day tara