Friday, November 23, 2012


There is a happy hum in our house today. Daddy (supposed to be writing a paper) is in the attic and I hear those red and green bins rustling around. It makes me giddy. The nutcracker tickets have been ordered and the red nail polish is awaiting me as soon as I can find the time to keep my hands still long enough for them to dry, when is that by the way?

Thanksgiving Eve...


(making hand turkeys)

hand turkey

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I love my little family.

family cropped holding abigail

We gathered at my Mom and Dad's home. The table was beautiful. The food oh so good.



(so good we couldn't even look up)

(that's some serious business carving the turkey... my brother)


The cousins were so much fun to play with.




And the 'grownups' sat around the dining room table over a few pots of tea for hours of conversation. It was warm. It was lovely. It was fun.

And now we've moved on. The moment the girls were sleeping in their beds Thanksgiving night I dismantled the autumn house to make room...

Oh, and we fixed this. By scratch yellow cake and chocolate frosting with five and half candles.

half birthday 1

half birthday 2

half birthday

Frank Sinatra's Christmas is playing and red and green is peeking out all over. Happy Thanksgiving weekend; and may I be the first to say Merry Christmas.

family 2

b w family


  1. this! Your Thanksgiving looks lovely. And I am with you...the house is all Christmas now! We are loving it! Enjoy!

  2. ok...time to play a little catch-up!!:)
    happy thanksgiving to you a wee bit late! looks like you all had a wonderful time. i love how you described scott up in the attic rustling around. we have some good hubbies don't we?:)
    can't wait to see all your green and red peeking out!:)
    have a happy day tara

    glad you recovered from the half bday oopsie...riley's is tonight!:)

    our hands our NEVER still that long:)


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