Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I had forgotten the 'magic' of Kindergarten.  Anna was in Kindergarten so so long ago that I forgot it a tad.  But today, today I was in Abigail's classroom. I'm volunteering once a week for 'job centers' and once a week for 'writers workshop.'  It is the MOST fun!  Those darling kids can't help but make you so happy. 

kindergarten rocks

There was the little boy that I sat on the floor with helping him match upper and lower case letter ducks and egg shells.  When he finished and was putting them away he kissed each duck before putting it in the bin.

they love their teacher

And the little girl who stood outside the bathroom door forever waiting but was so relieved when I taught her to knock and if no none answers that it's all clear! 

And then the little girl who cried at her seat because her volunteer mom was not there just for her and was helping other kids... oh wait... that was Abigail!  (She has a bit to learn about mommy in the classroom but maybe I'll start with helping her first) We talked a lot at bath time tonight about WHY mommy is in the classroom; to help out all of her Kindergarten friends.


It was magical I tell you, pure, love of learning, innocent, sweet magic.  Now, believe me that I know it is not an easy job.  In fact it is the hardest job in the world.  I'd like to see either presidential candidate teach Kindergarten for a year!  Yes, harder than president.  But oh so wonderful to be in there. 

they love their teacher 2

Abigail's sweet teacher asked me to take a few pictures in front of a fall tree.  Oh how I LOVED that! 

Now I'm off to the 'magic of fourth grade?'  Not sure how much magic is there.  But I'm happy to be off an an all day field trip with Anna and her class.  And so blessed to be home to do all of this.  I wouldn't trade a business suit for my life any day!  Staying home rocks! 


  1. It is fun being back in the classroom as the mommy, rather than the teacher, Tara! I agree! And oh how young that sweet teacher looks! Glad you are enjoying it! Oh and did you find the yummy pumpkin swirl bread? I hope so...it is so good with a cup of tea : ) Good night, friend!

  2. oh how i remember THAT magic!! spent 13 years knee deep in that magic!:)and yes i do miss it and hope to return...someday! and yes...lets see the higher ups try to run a classroom of littles! and actually have them LEARN something!!:)
    thanks for all these memories today
    have a happy night tara

  3. What a sweet post! I loved it and completely resonated with it. Miss Lu started kindergarten this year too. Andrew and Christian started High School this year so it has been a very long time since I have been in a K class. The little ones are so very precious. We are going to have a fun year! -- Beth

  4. I love the magic of that age!! I loved volunteering in Kathleen's Kindergarten class last year :-)