Monday, October 8, 2012

Kindergaten Boat Regatta

On Friday we had the perfect weather for Anna who went on a field trip to the beach to explore the marsh and for Abigail who had her 'boat regatta'.  I wasn't able to go on Anna's field trip because I was worried that I wouldn't get back in time for the boat regatta.  It was a very busy morning for this mama.  I had to make sure that Anna had her medicine for car sickness in her just before the bus left and then packed with her teacher to give her for the ride home.  She did just fine; although it makes her drowsy and she's not fond of that.   (but better than the alternative) I also was in charge of the kiddie pool for the boats to sail in. It was funny to see me running around with medicine, special lunch for the field trip, and two pools!

Perfect weather for Abigail's boat regatta.  She was able to wear her little sailor suit!  She was so excited! 


Her darling teacher. She oozes Kindergarten.


Perfect timing! As soon as Abigail's class was walking outside to sit around the pool Anna's field trip bus pulled up. I ran and was able take Anna over. That made Abagail so happy and me too since I needed an extra set of hands to video the event. (scott wasn't able to make it).


They sang some of their fall songs and then each child told their name, what their boat was made out of, and then sailed their boat.





A special day for a five year old!



  1. Adorable! Soo happy you had a beautiful day for both girls! Happy Monday, friend!

  2. what a happy day for a kindergartener for sure!
    love the lobster boat sweet!!
    have a happy day tara


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