Monday, October 15, 2012

The 9 Minute Photo Shoot


anna throwing leaves

Sometimes I get that panicked feeling and I rush the girls in the car to get to "that tree" because the leaves are perfect right now.  And I don't want to miss them.  The two most beautiful trees in the fall I've ever seen are at the girls school.

anna lying down1

So yesterday we headed there for a few pictures.  It amazes me every single year how beautiful God has made our world. 

anna holding  2

Anna was given this sweater as a hand me down. And as we were going through the bag she quickly gave it the "thumbs down". I understood of course but told her that we were going to hold on to it for a fall leave photo shoot and that she only had to wear it for 9 minutes (her age). I just knew that the colors and the texture would look perfect for in these pictures. She was happy to wear it knowing that it was only for a few minutes!

anna holding

My days have filled up more than I could have possibly imagined.  I LOVE being a volunteer in Kindergarten.  I love my afternoons with my girls (as busy as they sometimes are).  I love family dinner time, viola practice, reading logs, word rings, all of it.  I have just enough time to grocery shop, clean what needs to be cleaned for the day, cook, and that's just about it.  And I am happy.  Still a Mom... just the way I want to be! 

abi throwing

Tomorrow I'm off on another field trip!  It's Abigail's first.. yahoo!  We'll be visiting an apple orchard; and this will be her first ever bus ride.  I can hardly wait! 

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  1. What beautiful photos, Tara...I love them! Your daughters are the sweetest... It is something to see those colors of those trees and know how fleeting that beauty is! Our leaves are gone now. We are left with bare branches, waiting for the first snow...

    So happy you are loving every minute of being a mother! It is the best! Happy Day! : )