Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Comment Worthy

Today I woke Anna up.  And then woke Anna up.  And then woke Anna up.  And then woke Abigail up.  And then woke Anna up.  Then made breakfast, got the chickies to school, grocery shopped at Big Y, put the food away, grocery shopped at Trader Joes and then BJs (waited in line for 38 minutes, ugh), put that food away, did my chores, picked the girls up at 2:00 (Wednesday dismissal), forgot to eat lunch, felt lousy because I forgot to eat lunch, drove to a few less expensive Marshalls type shoes stores with the girls (Anna needs black Patten leathers for an upcoming concert), bought ones I didn't care too much for, decided to stop at Nordstroms to check one last place, found the perfect shoes but not the Marshalls price (oh well, need them now), felt stressed because Wednesday is our 'sacred we have no extras that one day out of 7 and we get out at 2:00 so it's kinda holy to us and I took them to stores and it made me feel yucky, came home to the heater man fixing our something so that someday when we want to turn our heat on we'll be able to, he had to leave because the problem is a bit more than he thought and needs more parts (of course), grilled Talapia (ok, so Scott did) while I got the rest of 'fish tacos' ready, gave the girls a bath, helped with homework, read with Abigail, had prayer time, snuggled with Abigail til she fell asleep, turned off Anna's light from reading...  I told you, not comment worthy!  I've got to pick up my camera more during a regular day because there is sweetness mixed into the regular. 

Like how...
~Abigail giggles in line when little Elijah is being silly
~Anna always holds Abigail's hand
~ the girls find fun anywhere they are... skipping in the mall while I'm dragging
~we had to ride the escalator up and then back down even though the children's shoe department was on the same floor we were parked on
~Scott raves about my dinners that are just regular this week.  He tries to pick out which spices were marinating in the fish all day
~the smell of clean girls after bathtime
~the sound of girls talking
~my cozy house that I love
~chocolate cake that I'm about to go have with Scott on the couch~ 


  1. Good morning, Tara... and this post is indeed comment worthy! I love reading about regular days. Especially when they are so much the same as mine. Glad you found your shoes. Sorry your afternoon was crazy!But quiet couch time with the husband and a piece of chocolate cake sounds like the perfect way to end it! Happy Thursday!

  2. i am with you on just about all of this. sorry your day was less then you wanted. somedays all those errands just seem to creep up on us and we have to go with it but it stinks. somedays we seem to do so much but when we look back on it it was a bunch of nothing really! yesterday i spent about 3o minutes doing silly meaningless paperwork at my desk, like filling out all those silly mail-in rebates for oil changes and clarinet reeds, renewing library books and searching for new ones...BUT i did feel good to see all those silly things gone off my plate.:)
    and as far as the black shoes at the non marshalls price...i am so the same way, but i am trying to be more like my sister in law...just get it DONE...sometimes the constant running around looking for the BEST price/deal is just not worth the stress and aggrivation for the few dollars (or tens of dollars) we save.:)
    but at least you ended the day thinking of all the positives and that my friends is VERY comment worthy!
    now today make yourself a super big salad with lots of protein on it and ROCK your thursday!!
    picnic at the park with the girls at lunch time?!?!:)
    have a happy day tara