Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It Feels Like Fall

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Well, our Indian Summer day on Friday that was perfect for Abigail wearing her sailor suit ended.  And I'm thrilled to welcome in chilly days and even the rain we have today.  With my jeans and sweater, and a cup of tea I'm as happy as can be.  (although it wasn't much fun spending my morning at three grocery stores on this rainy day)




night candle

This weekend I decorated every nook and cranny for fall.  From the front door to the bathrooms.  And all of this cozy goodness will stay up until Thanksgiving day.  Ahh, the best time of the year. 

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I haven't taken pictures of everything yet but here are few. Mostly I take pictures once I get the house decorated for a season so that I'll remember for next year.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked back at decorating pictures and said, "oh, where is that cake stand?  I like how the wooden pumpkins look on it."  I need reminders.  But I do love setting up a bit different each year. 

(our little non heated ~ more like a part of our garage than our house but it's gotta be decorated too)

8 & 9

My house is a fall house for sure.  I think it all started with the Wedding China that we picked way back in 1994.  No pictures, but it has a gold ring around the outside with fall fruits on it.  It seems that without even thinking about it we picked our wall colors, furniture, everything to match, and it all feels perfect in the fall.  (with the exception of our springish blue kitchen)





22 & 14

We've been busy as usual this week.  With Monday off my cleaning, shopping, cooking schedule was a bit off which is never a good thing for me.  I follow a tight (and typed) schedule.  I need that to feel sane and to be super organized.  But oh well... some weeks are just like this.


(roses from my wedding boquet... then never get changed out for the seasons because I'm afraid they'll break... 16 years old)

Anna will be playing at the Bushnell on Thursday night.  It's a big deal.  She'll be playing in front of some if the Hartford Symphony Orchestra members as a pre concert.  I've been jittery all week and have had trouble concentrating on anything.  She seems fine but we'll all be better when it's over :)

15 & 16

Last night Abigail woke me up four times.  And guess what?  I loved it!  Don't know why... I shouldn't have but I loved hearing her door open and her sneak over to my side of the bed and just wait for me to look over at her.  She was sweet and snugly in her jammies and smelled yummy too!  I took her back to her room and cuddled with her three times (think that was about 2 hours of the night) and on the fourth time when she came in she was crying.  "I just can't do it mommy.  I can't sleep alone tonight." 

17 & 18

Knowing that our alarm clock would be going off at 5:10 and waking her if she came in bed with us.  (Scott's out the door by 5:20) I made her a little "nest" of blankets and pillows on Anna's floor.  She fell asleep in complete peace in seconds and didn't move until I woke them both in the morning. 


Off to pick up the girls on this rainy, favorite day of mine.  It's the one and only out of seven that we have NOTHING to rush off to.  (and they get out early).  Oh I love Wednesday! 

"Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living.  There's more to life than decorating."


  1. Tara, forgive me for these long comments, but I can't help myself! First, love your home and your decorations...I love the cozy feel of fall in my home too. I never thought about it, but my home is a fall home too! I keep my decorations up until Thanksgiving Day too. We spend Thanksgiving weekend putting up our Christmas decorations. Love the books. I see our favorite, Max and Ruby! I understand about littles not wanting to sleep alone. In fact, Rhett sleeps in a "nest" of blankets in our room every night! And he is 10! Well, I could go on...but better leave space for others. Best wishes for Thursday! Will be thinking of you!
    PS did you ever change your no reply blogger? Would love to chat with you by email!

  2. Sweet pictures! Definitely ready for fall. Best wishes to Anna tomorrow! How exciting! Have a great night


  3. Hello, Tara!

    Nice to meet you! I just hopped over from Billie Jo's blog after reading some sweet comments that you left her. I have enjoyed looking thru is delightful!

    It appears you are blessed to be living on the beautiful East Coast! Jealous!!! I am located in the heart of the Heartland...Kansas. Our summer heatwave and drought have done a number on our trees and our foliage is not quite as beautiful this year...even along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. *sigh*

    Anyway, your home is lovely and I look forward to following you on your journey called life!

  4. how did i miss this one!?!?:)
    we have had our fall decorations up for awhile but **someone** hasn't taken any photos of them yet!:) it is on my short list for today so we will see how that goes!
    not that i have NEAR this many beautiful fall shots around our house!
    you are certainly a fall house that is for sure!:) love it all.
    have a happy day tara


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