Friday, October 12, 2012

It Was Devine

That's what Anna said when we got in the car last night and I asked her about playing at the Bushnell.  I was proud and happy for her.  She's come a long way.  She was hardly nervous and played beautifully. 


Of course the lighting wasn't the best but I had to take a bunch of pictures anyway.  Darn, I forgot to take a picture of her with Scott and I! 

on the stairs

abigail up the stairs
(up and down Cinderella went)

anna playing

anna playing up close


This weekend we are busy, busy, busy.  I'm looking forward to Sunday afternoon when we're all home... finally.  Feels like we've been going, going, going in and out the door.  There girls need some good, relaxing, family time just playing at home.  There hasn't been enough of that lately but I'm going to change that soon! 

I still have so many pictures to go though of fall like happening around me, and this weekend is Anna's China Reunion so more pictures to take there.  Off to cook, clean, charge batteries, pack, and go, go, go... 


  1. She looked beautiful, Tara! So happy she enjoyed it! And happy for you too..Enjoy your busy weekend and enjoy your Sunday at home...the best! : )

  2. she looks so proud of herself tara! i bet you all were beaming that night.
    i am looking forward to sunday too...janey and i will be back from camping and we only have one soccer game. time to just chill and BE!
    have a happy weekend