Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No School Day #3

I just got the call.  There is no school again tomorrow for the girls.  We have power at our house but much of our neighborhood does not (including the school).  I'm sad.  Last year they missed Halloween at school and at night because of the massive storm and no power for nine days.  Believe me I'm thrilled to have power but it's so exciting to wear your owl costume to school when you are five (and when you are nine).  I just sent an email to Abigail's sweet Kinder teacher asking her to please still consider having their little kinder parade and party in the classroom when they get back to school (maybe Thursday). 

How awful for those people in NJ, NY, and on the shoreline of CT.  The devestation is terrible.  Praying for all of those children and families tonight. 


  1. so glad you all have power tara and praying it stays that way!
    sorry your girls are missing this fun day yet again and hoping they reschedule for you.

    the girls and i REALLY wanted to see those owl costumes:)

  2. So glad you are safe and sound, Tara...and like Cindy...I hope they reschedule... Happy Halloween, friend! Maybe the girls can join Flynn watching Nick Jr. today...Halloween all day long : )