Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This happened way back in December just a few days before Christmas.  I did one little post about it back here but never finished.  I was waiting hoping that I'd get permission to show video and pictures, but that's impossible since it's a school. 
I suppose I also dragged my feet on this post because without showing any of the video I just felt like I couldn't do this day justice.  But I'll have to try. 

The day before this assembly Scott along with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Parents, and teachers was named Connecticut State First Year Principal of the Year.  It was exciting for the town, the school, teachers, parents, students, and his girls.

Scott2 (2)

The next day a surprise would happen at his school and he had no clue.  Anna, Abigail and I were brought into their gym/auditorium and were seated front and center.  I was a bit nervous about Abigail sitting still when all eyes (all teachers, all students) eyes were on us, but they did great!  We waited quietly with the entire school for "Mr. Baker" to be called in.  Boy howdy it was a surprise for sure!  I loved (and didn't get on camera) the look on his face.  The whole school stood and applauded him, and his girls ran up to him.  It was hard to get a shot through all of the emotion. 


The girls clung to him. I loved watching their pride. That was their daddy that the school was honoring!

Each grade level got up an performed a song/skit/poem honoring their principal. I adored the Kindergartners who sang changing the world to 'Old McDonald'. The sixth graders touched my heart as they wrote a song and performed both the music and the singing of it.

After each grade level performed the teachers and staff of the school lined up. Each one wore an apron that said, 'bakers dozen' and held a cup of colored sand in their hands. As they walked up on stage they poured their sand into a huge glass jar and told their 'ingredient' to the recipe. "one cup kindness". It was moving as each staff member from the teachers to the secretary to the custodian added to the jar.

teachers 2

I love the prideful look on the teachers faces in this one.

teachers 1

They put together a side show of pictures for him with the background music the sixth graders sang.


Scott tried to come up with something to say at the end but he really was speechless.

at podium

Hugs for their daddy!

girls collage

It was a morning none of us will forget. They are one lucky town, one lucky school, we are three lucky girls!


  1. This is amazing!!! I know how proud you all are! I can feel it in this post and see it on the girls faces. What an honor for Scott. Congrats to you all!!
    have a happy day tara

  2. wowza, tara - how amazing for him - such an honor ... so happy for all of you!!