Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chinese New Year ~ part 2

Just a few more picture of Chinese New Year.  I started to post about it back here....

Each year Anna (and Abigail) are given one small gift that was bought in her homeland.  Scott and I did buy a lot of things in China with this occasion in mind back in 2004 but he was able to sort of "restock" our Chinese New Year gifts when he went back to China for the CT Education trip last spring. 

These we knew the girls would love.  You know those wooden dolls that you take apart, and in each layer is another doll...

presents 2

presents 1

And Anna was also given a jade bracelet which I don't have a picture of... I'll take one when she wears it next for sure! 

We had my parents over for Chinese food on the weekend of Chinese New Year (now a month ago)It's always fun and extra special to eat dinner in the dining room with company over.

dinner 1

Abigail insisting on using chopsticks (with her abigail food since she can't have Chinese with her soy allergy)

dinner 2

dinner 3


  1. hi, tara, what a great surprise it was to see your comment over at my tiny little blog - i love meeting new friends and from the looks of things over here, we have a whole lot in common - would love to email with you ... ... great to meet you :)

  2. Those dolls are so cute! My girls would LOVE those. Dinner in the dining room really is a big deal...why don't we do it more often? Maybe they would actually stay in their seats for longer?!?!:)
    have a happy day


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