Monday, February 27, 2012

Abigail's Eyes

A quick story before the pictures... Abigail, Scott and Anna went for a walk in the light snow.  It gave me a chance to clean up and get ready for some company that was headed over for dinner that night.  After the girls and Scott came back I noticed Abigail's eyes starting to swell up.  Not a little bit either...

When I looked more closely it looked as though she had 10 mosquito bites around her right eye.  But they were just out in the snow?  And then quickly we figured it out.  On their walk they came across some of those pods that had fallen from a tree.  You know the kind... if you shake them they sound like a musical instrument.  She decided to take one home to show her Kindermusik teacher, Mrs. Rothchild. 


I knew from some blood testing and patch testing that was done by two different allergists that she was allergic to several kinds of trees and grasses.  After Scott found out that that the tree with the pods was a locust I went upstairs to find through her medical paper work that that was one of the trees high on the list. 

Yikes, that poor girl can never catch an allergy break!  Even in the dead of winter with a fresh coating of snow on everything she had a reaction. 



All is well now, in a few hours her eyes were pretty much back to normal; thank goodness! 

(PS~ I took these pictures to show the allergist... it's so hard to remember exactly what it looked like at each appointment)


  1. Awww bless her heart. Hope she is feeling much better.


  2. oh, that's so sad ... makes me tear up just looking at that poor little red eye of hers :(


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