Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Family Pizza

I love Friday just like everyone.  But Friday has always been extra special since I was little because we always went out for pizza that night as a family.

 I can remember a few pizza restaurants that were my favorite.

 I can remember feeling so happy as a young girl knowing that the school week was over.  I felt relaxed and loved that happy time with my family. 

I can remember at just 15 bringing along my pictures from a High School trip to Spain.  I sat in the booth and went through the envelopes of pictures with my family.  There were a few in there of a special someone that I spent a lot of time with on that trip.  Young love, very, very, very young love. 

And then when Anna came into our family we brought her along with us each Friday to the town I grew up in.  It was a special time of family. 

But then when Abigail was born and I had earlier baby bedtimes and breast feeding we stopped going.  Abigail was diagnosed with EE at just 22 months and couldn't have any cheese so we stopped having pizza all together.  Until I found this great pizza dough recipe from Pam and "fake" Abigail cheese.  Now for over a year I make the dough on Friday morning (It wouldn't be Friday without making my pizza dough) and Scott comes home and makes the pizzas. 


Yum!  The tradition lives on!

Gee, I'm awful sentimental about pizza.... I'm sentimental about everything! 


  1. Yum! The pizza looks delicious. I love tradition and it's the little things that you hold in your heart. your girls will remember pizza night too. With Joy~ Beth (Thank you for you sweet comment!)