Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toys We Love

I thought maybe I should have titled it 'Toys They Love' but really I love them too.  I love them for the kind of toys they are, the imagination they bring out, the years and years of use they are too. 

Castle from Playmobil...  Really you can't go wrong with anything Playmobil I've found.  Over the years we've now collected the zoo, castle, and school.  They are toys that never get put into "feels like new" because they are played with every day. 

~ "Feels Like New" is the name of our walk in closet in the playroom.  When Anna was just 2 I started putting toys in there so that the playroom wasn't overwhelming for her.  I would have out just enough (and that was still a lot).  Then every once in a while (every week or so) I would switch out the toys.  When they came out of the closet Anna used to say to me.  "Mommy, it feels like new."  And her toys did feel like new to her.  I've been doing that 'feels like new' system for over 6 years now.  Both girls love to see 'old favorite' toys again that they haven't seen in  a while.  ~

castle hor

castle collage

And then there's the Sandboxes. The girls love these. They are a 'kitchen only' toys for sure but hours of fun! We love the doggie sandbox, mermaid sandbox (with blue sand like water) and castle sandbox.

sandbox collage

Leggos. You can never go wrong with leggos. We still have the "baby" ones. They're fine for us since the girls really just like to make villages/homes/castles/ areas for their ponies/dolls/playmobil people to play in.


Bubber! It's kind of like playdough but better. It's not sticky and NEVER gets dried out! It has a silky soft texture. So much fun!


bubber 3

bubber 2

Just so I can remember... the girls love their playroom. Filled with their toys, dolls, crib, stroller, highchair, tons of books all over in baskets. (forever the first grade teacher)


I adore this sea of pink among the light blue walls. I just love having girls! Tea parties, baby dolls and such, there is nothing more grand!





Magna tiles... the toys that's stood the test of time!


May they always be little enough for playtime. Oh how I wish the clock would stop...


  1. Love this post tara. i love to see toys other families love. We dont' have any playmobile sets, but I have always wanted some!!! They had a bunch at Riley's preschool. (We are big calico critter fans here...ever see those?? LOVE them beyonod LOVE!! Think your girls would love them too!)
    I have also never seen My Sandbox sets or Blubber!!! Where I have i been hiding all these years I'm asking myself?:)haha Both look amazing and right up our ally. I need to do a bit of investigating I think.
    And I love the glimpses into your playroom. Love it all. (how many times can I say LOVE in one post!!!:) The kitchen, all the pink. The girls portraits with the pink polka dot (LOVE!) mattes, and please tell me about the artwork? Did the girls do those??
    Oh, and the idea of having a "Feels like New" closet, perfect! i keep a lot of toys in the closet too and try to remember to switch them out often . I think that is such a great idea and it really works too. Amazing the quiet afternoon you can get with "new" toys!!!:)
    ok, honeslty enough from me!!:)
    have a happy day tara

  2. we did the "feels like new" concept , too ... it worked so well!! our basement playroom looked exactly like yours for a long long time ... we just started transforming it to a more "tween" feel about a year ago and gave all the cute kitchen sets, the princess castle, etc to our adorable 2year old niece :) i really miss those things!! wish there had been "bubber" when we were in our play-do phase, sounds awesome!!


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