Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

Abigail and I went to lunch at Anna's school.  It was fun seeing my third grade Valentine in her element.  Funny story... I picked up Panera for lunch (except for Abigail of course) and Anna asked for a bite of my sandwich and ended up loving it (and eating my whole sandwich).  "You can have my mac and cheese."  Next time I'll remember to pick out a more grownup lunch for her!  This is Anna being dropped off at school on Valentines Day.  I've been leaving my old little point and shoot in the car but haven't had much luck with that (supposed to be so easy) little thing. 


Anna gave out bookmarks to her classmates.  I think they turned out darling.  There's even one left over for me! 

anna bookmard

This was the back: 

Valentine Bookmark 1 Back

Then Scott was able to come home a bit early to give the girls their Valentines.  Just little, simple gifts to make the day sweet.  They were sure excited.  It looked like a lot, but they loved their little presents.  Abigail keep saying so enthusiastically, "thank you , thank you , thank you!!!" with hugs and kisses for us! 

abi pile

annas hand around abi opening

card with daddy

hugging daddy

It was a wonderful day in the middle of the week to stop and remember love. 

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  1. What a sweet sweet day tara!!!
    First of all thanks so much for the Valentines Day card!! That was so sweet of you to remember us!!:) (love those cards and your Christmas ones...need to tell me how you did those!)We had a great Love Day too...if I can only find the uummpphh to get off my behind and get it posted!
    love panera for lunch!! love it! Now I know for sure we would be best friends in real life!!:)
    have a happy day tara