Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Abigail's Valentines Day

I loved that Valentines Day fell on a Tuesday because Abigail was home with me all day..... ahh, to have my little Valentine all to myself all day...

holding basket toe tipped

So her preschool party was on Monday.  She woke up so excited and had her Valentines all ready to go.  She dressed in her little roses dress and put on her shoes by herself (on the wrong feet).  I snapped these pictures on our way out the door.  We were a bit late that morning.  Holidays do that do me. 

holding basket

Scott helped me make her Valentines on Photoshop. They came out so cute.

abi valentine front

Abigail valentine back

close up basket

Cookies made with love.


It's always always always hard for me to know that they'll be lots of treats at the party that Abigail can't eat. Only food from home that mommy made. She's super okay with it (I think) and actually brings home the treats that she was allergic to for her sister. Love that!

When she came home she was all lit up holding her envelope of Valentines from her friends. She was running around and smiling the biggest smile. When we went inside she opened each one carefully while I videotaped her.


Lollipop... the candy that's always safe for her.


I love Valentines Day!  And I love love love love this girl! 

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