Monday, February 20, 2012

Fingerprints of God


You're a masterpiece that all creation quietly applauds... you're covered with the fingerpints of God.

Fashioned by God's hand; perfectly planned to be just who you are...

And what He's been creating since the first beat of your heart is a living, breathing, priceless work of art.

And I can see the fingerprints of God when I look at you.

Just look at you, you're a wonder in the making.  And God's not through... in fact He's just getting started...
(from Steven Curtis Chapman, Fingerprints of God)

Anna in China waterfall (eyes)

Anna asked tonight at dinner why Abigail had to look just like me, and my heart sank.  Anna, you are covered with the fingerprints of God; you're a wonder in the making.... and we do look alike in our hearts.


  1. Beautiful....and beautiful child indeed! :-)

    I am working towards my PhD and yes I taught before staying home :-) Always great to meet a fellow teacher!


  2. beautiful tara...but i can see why anna's comment would make your heart sink!
    love your reply though.
    have a happy day tara


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