Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just an ordinary Tuesday

I love Tuesday because Abigail is not in preschool. I'm not good at sharing her (or either of my girls)! Today we baked banana bread using a new recipe. (from Deceptively Delicious) This one has hidden cauliflower in it... shhh!

We headed to the playground for some fun. Boy, when you live in cold Connecticut you have the whole place to yourself in February!


I froze; she didn't mind the cold.





And I snuck in some reading. Abigail cuddled in my bed with me and she 'read' her books and I got a few minutes to read mine. I always have to have a fiction, a home book, a photography book, and a child book. (And that's after my devotional in the morning) Even if I just have 15 minutes a day I have to be in all of these categories each day... silly I know!



  1. What a beautiful day tara!! You are so awesome to brave the cold, i cannot stand being cold...whimpy I know, so I say "it's tooooo cold out" to aubrey all the time. I'm sure that wont last for much longer though.
    I love your approach to reading. I keep thinking that i don't have time to read...which is kind of true, but i really need to MAKE the time. 15 minutes is perfect. Love your 4 catagories too...exactly what I would want/need to read too. In fact...I may look up these titles too!!;)
    have a happy day tara

    i'm white...moscato only actually. it is a very sweet wine. kind of winecooler-ish...yum! dave can go either way:)

  2. This playground reminds me of one near me that was built in memory of a young girl and her mother who had been murdered. It is very large and offers so much to the community. I don't remember ones this nice when I was growing up, lol. Looks like you had a wonderful day!


  3. Tara,
    Thank you so much for the sweet note you wrote to Hayley on my blog. I was teary eyed reading it. She told me to tell you she would love for you all to come to her party next year! She has been wanting to adopt from China and is very concerned about all the children without homes. She's been researching it for some time and she's only 10. I love how big her heart is and how she cares so much for others. Thank you again for taking time to address what she did. It means a lot to both of us :-)


  4. wow, awesome playground!! i love the book titles, too - i have similar ones next to my bed right now ... "mamarazzi" and "the blessing of a skinned knee" (this author is speaking here in april, i can't wait!)