Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation (part 1)

What a wonderful vacation together.  It was short, 5 days, but we soaked in every minute.  I adored just the four of us for 5 whole days.  When we're all together I'm so happy. 

This year we did some old favorites (storyland) and tried some new things (canoeing)

North  Conway, New Hampshire is a quaint mountain town.  We loved Main Street. 

6-27-11 Vacation-9797.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9798.jpg

Exploring the country stores... the girls could have done this for days!

6-27-11 Vacation-9796.jpg

Filled with syrup, penny candy, jams, and everything country. Do you know what they picked out? Although I don't have a picture, huge, homemade, scented bath balls and fizz in the tub! Girls!

6-27-11 Vacation-9793.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9794.jpg

And then this store. So cool.

6-27-11 Vacation-9799.jpg

Anna found a "grab bag" and just had to have one. I told her what it could possibly be filled with (cheap little stuff) she still had to have it. Did she see all of that penny candy once again? But she knew what she wanted and was delighted.

6-27-11 Vacation-9800.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9804.jpg

Just outside of town we found a road side stand for berries. So good!

6-27-11 Vacation-9783.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9781.jpg

Scott really found a great place for us to stay. The girls had their own bedroom and slept together. Adorable. We had a kitchen (necessary with Abigail's EE) and it was spacious.

6-27-11 Vacation-9655.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9656.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9659.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9660.jpg

Breakfast in the lobby was wonderful and a late afternoon "snack" quickly became enough for our dinner.  And we loved our late night swims in the pool. 

I can't forget another favorite part of this town... Lickity Split Ice cream.

6-27-11 Vacation-9721.jpg

We were a bit nervous stopping for ice cream since we've never done that as a family (with Abigails' EE). I was a bit edgy the whole time. I don't think I can ever relax at an ice cream place with Abigail. But she did just fine with her Italian Ice we brought for her. At one point she looked at Anna's cone and said very sincerely, "hey, that's not fair..." So we make it a family rule, only ice cream in a cup with a spoon so it looks like hers. It really IS unfair looking at Anna's huge chocolate cone.

6-27-11 Vacation-9723.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9724.jpg

They at under a playground each time!

This is the view from Lickily Split!

6-27-11 Vacation-9727.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9731.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9732.jpg


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  1. Looks like a fun time! ;-)

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