Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's great to be 8!

While everyone is posting their summer pictures I'm still back in the spring busyness.  I just don't want to forget these moments. I'll be caught up soon...

Anna wanted go to NYC for a day instead of a huge "friend party" this year.  I was excited!  So we headed to to NYC with our special friends at the end of May (pictures to come soon) 

We had a pioneer themed dinner party on her birthday with family.  Anna loves the Little House on the Prairie books.  (my all time favorite)  I've been reading them to her at night one after another.  Yes she can and does read them but I still like reading to her at bedtime.  We are on 'By the Shores of Silver Lake'.  I love the descriptions in those books.  I love the pure hard work that went into raising a family.  I makes me so grateful to simply throw my clothes in the washer.  I find myself complaining less when I have to run the vacuum while I'm reading those books.

We found some slates for the table.  Anna picked out the wild flowers in mason jars for the table too. 

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9145.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9147.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9150.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9161.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9173.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9175.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9177.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9179.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9182.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9184.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9192.jpg

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9199.jpg

Anna's birthday is always a bit difficult for me because I wasn't there when she was born and I missed her first birthday.  I always find myself with such mixed emotions on her special day.  So happy for her, a regular kid loving turning 8 and then remembering back...  Her birthday always reminds me of her first year of life and it makes me sad.  It still does and always will make her Dad and I so very proud of her for enduring more than anyone I know has ever been through.  No child should ever know a life without parents.  No child should ever spend infancy without love.  But they do and she did. 

8 great things about Anna:

1.  She's a fighter.  No matter how hard it is to overcome PTSD she gets better each year.  She lets our love in a little deeper with each birthday.

2.  She is fiercely devoted to her little sister.  I love how Abigail is truly her best friend.  She is the one she wants to play with when she comes home from school and on weekends.  She watches over her everyday.  She is kind and considerate about her food choices around Abigail and her allergies.  She shares her most important toys and actually wants Abigail to play them with her.  She gives her special jobs to do when she's busy.  She just loves her more than I could have ever imagined.

3.  Anna has a wonderful childhood imagination.  Rather than play a game, watch TV, or play something the way 'it's meant to be played,' Anna creates a world of play all on her own.  She is especially creative and comes up with the coolest ideas.

4.  She forgives easily and has to since she is my 'first' and I often make the most mistakes with her.

5.  She still lets me (most of the time) pick out her clothes.  And that's a big on since I would list one of my hobbies as 'loving childrens clothing'.  I'd rather buy a georgeous dress for my girls than a new something for me.

6.  She is content where she is (which is younger in emotional age).   She is not at all interested in what the 'older' 8 year olds are.  She loves the shows her little sister watches.  She's drawn to 'old fashioned' books, she listenes to fun and silly children's cds.   It sure makes my job easier and I adore that she's still enjoying her young childhood.

7.  She creates awesome 'shows' for her and her sister to perform in for her dad and I.

8.  When I look deep into her eyes I can see and feel what God's love is.  We are all His adoped sons and daughters.  Anna is a mirror image of that love.  I love you sweetheart.

6-10-11 Anna's birthday party-9163.jpg

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