Wednesday, July 27, 2011

vacation (part 4 and last)

I could not go away on vacation to such a beautiful spot without taking a family picture.  I was out of days and out of time to be picky.  My only chance was on our way to Santa's Village.  Although I would have rather taken a picture in the evening I did the best I could.  My little family. Gosh, how I love them!


And then we were off to Santa's village. It was sunny and hot in North Conway where we were staying, but good thing I had left the bag of sweatshirts and rain coats in the car. When we pulled into Santa Village (honest) the temperature changed and we froze until I pulled all of the "just in case" stuff out.

The girls spotted Santa right away. I love how Anna is looking at Abigail with delight in this one.

santa on path.jpg

My carousel girl

abigail carousel.jpg

anna carousel.jpg

Feeding the reindeer was the highlight of their day!

6-27-11 Vacation-9843.jpg

feeding reindeer.jpg

reindeer smiling.jpg

reindeer smile upclose.jpg

The rides were pretty great too.

ferris wheel.jpg


sister hug.jpg

Abigial and Anna are not afraid of anything!

roller coaster.jpg

Of course they were all into the shows especially when they could get up and dance.


dancing arms up blog.jpg

They visited Santa again in his home.

santa anna looking.jpg

santa and abigail.jpg

santa and abigail looking.jpg

santa and girls.jpg

girls and santa.jpg

I think we all loved our vacation... don't ya think?


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