Friday, July 8, 2011

A new favorite

sweet, innocent, themselves


How many more years will I be able to find matching dresses?  I cringe when I go into my favorite stores now that Anna is in a size 8!!!  I get that panic feeling knowing that most childrens stores only go up to size 12.  I'm hanging on to these next 4 years when I know I can find matching dresses. 

I have very limited time on the computer (because I won't be on it when they're awake and I'm too tired at night to start trying to learn something new) but I'm learning so many new things at once. It's slow going for me on the computer but I'm taking baby steps toward photoshop, lightroom and editing. It seems that once I learn one new tool, something changes and I have to learn 10 new things along with it. So for a while my pictures will be straight out of the camera until I can figure out these new editing tools.

More rose garden shots to come.  They were so silly that evening and had so much fun together.  Most of my shots are so funny.

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  1. To give you some more hope to hold on to, I'm 16 and I still wear a 12. ;)


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