Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Cutest Tennis Player Ever!

Oh my goodness!  Abigail was so adorable at her very first tennis lesson.  We signed her up for some lessons this summer since she's old enough for the "tiny tots" class.  She looked (and was) so little on the court!  She was the only one and we were thrilled for her that her first lesson was one on one with a wonderful teacher.  Abigail didn't hesitate at all!  All morning long she kept telling me "mommy, I'm going to kick that ball so hard!"  "Abigail, that's soccer, you're going to play tennis today...." 

I dressed her in clothes that I had.  Imagine that this 4 year old was wearing a tennis skirt that I bought for Anna years ago size 12-18 mths?!  Tiny girl! 

Here she is right before her lesson...
Abigail tennis pre blog.jpg

Abigail looking on court holding rac.jpg

Abigail taking a sip looking on court.jpg

Anna was so happy and excited for her little sister.
sister kiss.jpg

Anna's hug.jpg

Tiny little girl on the court for the first time
Abigail on court blog.jpg

A real first time hit! A bit blurry but I have to include a real hit!
abigail on court hitting ball blog.jpg

Learning from her "coach"
abigail on court w teacher blog.jpg

She was beaming when she came off the court. "I loved tennis mommy! Thank you for taking me" (with all the enthusiasm she could have)
abigail walking off court blog.jpg

It was so hot that afternoon. Since tennis is at our pool I took her right in to cool off after. In the dressing room she couldn't stop thanking me for taking her. She loved the attention and doing something that her big sister does
abigail off court red cheeks blog.jpg

Anna's turn. Even though she had lessons last summer she was hesitant to go on the court.
anna up close pre court blog.jpg

anna pre court blog.jpg

Her lesson was an hour. So while I took Abigail swimming (and watched her from the pool) Scott stood by the court.
anna off court blog.jpg

Scott and I had so much fun watching our girls experience a sport that is so much a part of our lives.  Even though I could never learn Scott is a great player, and we both want the girls to love a lifelong sport.

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