Monday, July 25, 2011

vacation (part 2)

It's fun to look back at vaction.  Right now we're knee deep into glorious summer.  I'm holding onto it with all my might.  I love summer with all my heart. 

Storyland.  It's such a fun family place.  We spent a day and a half there.  I love how it's nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire.  It's just so pretty all around there. 

First stop, driving the antique cars. 

6-27-11 Vacation-9671.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9679.jpg

Next stop, over the bridge to another favorite

6-27-11 Vacation-9684.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9690.jpg

I love this one, after the huge splash daddy and Anna are checking on Abigail.

6-27-11 Vacation-9703.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9705.jpg

She was so excited about this. She kept trying to tell us who she wanted her picture next to and we couldn't figure out who she was talking about until we were walking by and she said, "that's it!"
6-27-11 Vacation-9738.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9746.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9756.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9758.jpg

Trying to decide what to buy

6-27-11 Vacation-9762.jpg

Cotton Candy at the awesome circus

6-27-11 Vacation-9776.jpg

6-27-11 Vacation-9778.jpg

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