Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Field Trip

We went on another Friday Field Trip!  Can you guess where we went? 

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0020.jpg

The New England Air Museum was cool (says Anna). Our Friday Field Trip starts at our awesome library. We pick up our passes for the day. (FREE field trips) And Anna picks out a ton of new books for her "summer stack". I've got to take a picture of that someday. She devours books. Yesterday she read 3 chapter books in one day! So our weekly library stops are necessary.

Here were are checking out the planes.

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0008.jpg

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0009.jpg

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0011.jpg

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0013.jpg

The girls got to go in a plane. It was funny. They know to look thrilled when the camera is pointed toward them, but I could tell that they were thinking, "okay, I'm done."

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0016.jpg

outside & air museum 7-16-11-0015.jpg

A fun place to visit. I'm already looking forward to next Friday. After counting up all of the places that we can go this summer (that are offered at our library) we might have to fit in more field trips in the fall. I wish school didn't start til October!

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  1. Looks like a fun time! Gotta love the library!!