Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday Field Trip

There is nothing like the summer!  I've always had the summer off (I was a teacher for 10 years before kids) so summer feels a bit sentimental to me.  I love having TIME for anything and everything and just plain old nothing!  Best of all I love my girls home with me all day, every day. 

This year I decided to take them on a 'Friday Field Trip' using the passes from our library.  Picking out books early on in the summer I noticed a sign listing all of the cool places I've yet to take them that I've always wanted to.  All I have to do is call to reserve a pass, pick it up that morning and return it later in the day.  I was so excited with all of the possibilities. 

So for our first Friday I picked a local place.  I've driven by the Noah Webster house thousands of times and have never visited it.  With Anna's recent interest in Laura Ingalls Wilder books I knew this would be perfect.

We had a wonderful guide who called me and the girls "dewdrops of sun".  He was so sweet and knew every detail in the small house.  He quickly learned their names and it was just us on the tour.  He spent two hours (which felt like only 10 minutes) with us.  He asked them questions, let the girls try things, and engaged them every minute.  The girls were on their best and amazing 'museum behavior'.  They impressed me with how respectful they were. 

After two hours and so much that we learned we headed home for a very late lunch.  (I had no idea we'd be there that long).  The pictures don't show how enthusiastic they really were.  It was just 3:30 and we hadn't had lunch.  But they never complained that day and were oh so interested and good.  I regret not getting a picture with our guide.  He is a real treasure to that museum. 

7-8-11 Noah Webster house-9956.jpg

7-8-11 Noah Webster house-9959.jpg

I can't wait until next Friday. I've already reserved a few ones that I think might be good ones to go on a day Scott has off.

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  1. This looks SO familiar to me...maybe because it's so New England-y because I know I've not been to the Noah Webster house (Hartford?) and will have to research it....we studied his fascinating life last year in our homeschool and would LOVE to visit this next time we're back in NE!!
    So glad you shared this, had forgotten all about it! :)


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