Friday, July 22, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Oh, how I loved our field trip today!  We went to the Wadsworth Atheneum, and the girls loved it.  I was surprised at how much time they spent in each gallery.  It was Anna's idea to bring notebooks to record "our findings."  They sketched their favorites in each room.  And when we came home they proudly showed daddy their own artwork. 

It was relaxing and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with my girls. 

untitled shoot-0117.jpg

untitled shoot-0126.jpg

untitled shoot-0128.jpg

We ended up staying much longer than I thought they'd want to. So we ended up having lunch together in the Cafe. I only have applesauce and some crackers for Abigail, which she was fine with. Anna was delighted to be in such a fancy place for lunch.

untitled shoot-0124.jpg

untitled shoot-0125.jpg

untitled shoot-0119.jpg

untitled shoot-0121.jpg

untitled shoot-0127.jpg

My personal favorite in the museum. I think she looks a tiny bit like Abigail.

untitled shoot-0130.jpg

And... my favorite picture of Anna today. Love this one!

untitled shoot-0133.jpg

If I've learned one thing from our Friday Field Trips so far this summer it is this... a four and and eight year old can be stretched more than I thought. They're interested in so much more than I ever dreamed. I'm so very pleased with how much they've enjoyed the diversity of our trips. I suppose I never thought of these museums as activities for children. But they are. I can hardly wait until next Friday!

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