Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We love summer!  Every. Single.  Day!!!  I love that we have an empty calendar and get to decide what we want to do.  I love the Daddy has two full weeks off, lots of Fridays and on the days he works, walks in the door by 3:30.  I love listening to and watching sisters play.  I love that they have so much time together.  I love the pool club.  I love Field Trip Fridays.  I love reading to my girls oh so much.  I love every day! 

This weekend we had a first for Abigail.  The MOVIES!  This was her first time to the movie theatre.  Finally a G rated movie.  Winnie the Pooh was darling and perfect for her first time. 

Anna did not want my camera to come along and was certain that we would get in trouble for the two quick shots I took.  So I took the little camera and almost forgot how to take a picture with it.  Funny!

untitled shoot-5898.jpg

untitled shoot-5900.jpg

Anna laughed out loud so much during the movie that Scott and I kept shhhing her. She loved it! I'm so grateful that she's so "young". Abigail took the movie very seriously but loved it too. She loved her own little cup of popcorn (special non allergic that I brought from home) and a cup holder to keep it in. It's so much fun being with my girls.

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