Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Field Trip

This was a good one!  The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. 

When I walked around with my girls (and Scott who was home this week :)  I felt (way down deep) the teacher in me.  It was sort of swelling up a bit.  I love children's book, maybe that's one reason I became an elementary school teacher.  I loved "read aloud" time with my classes.  (and it drives me crazy when I sit during the girls story times and the librarian isn't reading with enough enthusiasm)

So today we visited their 3 art galleries.  We're getting quite good at discussing artwork quietly under our breath as we meander slowly through a museum.  I really like it! 

There were no cameras allowed in the art galleries, but these were painted by Eric Carle and were in the hallway.  So cool!

yellow girls.jpg

They could have looked at these for an hour... and they know how to ham it up for the pictures without me even saying anything. Classic ham it up one...

yellow stares.jpg


For the one who had to have an "alone picture"

blue abigail.jpg



blue jumping.jpg

This one looks like she's swimming

blue swimming.jpg

The art studio was a real treat. We all had fun!

art girls.jpg

anna art cutting.jpg

scott art.jpg

art both girls.jpg

But my favorite picture of all today is this one taken during story time at the Eric Carle Museum.


What a special day!


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  1. Tara! this is on our list of things to do this summer! I wish we could have planned it so we could have met! I can't wait to visit this museum! Your girls are adorable!