Thursday, July 12, 2018


Sometimes it's hard for me to do a blog post - especially when I know I won't see someone for a looooong time.

I felt that way back here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

I thought about not blogging this because then I wouldn't have to remember that I miss them. But then it would be like it didn't even happen. And that would be no good. Because even though they live a whole country away and there's like a million states in between us they are our friends and I am grateful. For their visit. For their friendship. For their family. For them.

When Kelli told me that they would be vacationing in Boston this summer and thought they might be able to come to CT (we are 2 hours from Boston) for a visit I was over the moon. We got to meet them last summer and I couldn't wait to see them again. This time they were coming to our house!!!

And they did!

They arrived on a Friday around noon.  We had lunch together and then everyone went tubing while Kelli and I headed for shopping and smoothies and long talks (that were not long enough)

They all had SooooOooooo much fun together!


After a couple of hours we headed back and the girls came off all smiles...


and filled with LOTS of stories of falling off tubes in the 'rapids'!



We headed to "the center" for dinner at a fun Italian restaurant. 


It warms my heart how these two were instant friends. Oh how my heart wishes that they were walking into middle school together this fall.

And Juliana is always smiling like that ... like ALWAYS!


Memories around the table at dinner are the best. I loved all of the talking and how it felt like we'd been friends forever. It was so easy and wonderful to be with this family.


After dinner Abigail begged for Sweet Frog and all of the kids agreed!

A word about Nicholas from a conversation we had after they left - we were so impressed with this young man, the same age as Anna, 15.  He was the most polite, kind boy. Even though he had a phone he was never on it. He was engaged in the conversation around the table (even when we first met) The only boy in a sea of girls didn't bother him. He's the kind of big brother that looked out for and was interested in his little sister and at the same time not overwhelmed with two extra girls for a few days. He was lovely to talk to and always positive.  I think Scott's words were "that's the kind of young man you need to marry someday"  (really, Kelli, he said that...) I was like "Ok, works for me"



The next morning they came over for brunch and some relaxing before they headed back up to Boston to catch their flight.





It was the best summer day so far; I want to go back and do this day all over again. Except for saying goodbye.


The sweetest couple.


and a lovely, beyond lovely family.  We missed Isabella so much and next time for sure will see her!


I'm not sure I can put into words how grateful I am for this family taking time out of their vacation to stop in CT but I sure am!  Kelli, you are a dear friend and I love that we met here on this space, this blank page called a blog. My only wish is that we weren't separated by like a million states. Because I'd be in your kitchen or on your backyard patio laughing, talking, and going through this journey of life with you. But I'll take this space and the time we have met. Memories we have and a future of friendship I'll look forward to.  Thank you for coming all this way and for being my friend.



  1. I love blog stories like this! So very special, and I am glad that y'all had time to spend with one another!

  2. i can't begin to tell you how much this post means to me. We have all read it and it made us smile. Your friendship means the world to me to us. The two days we spent with your family were the two best days of our vacation. ❤️


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