Monday, July 24, 2017

Good Friends, Great Adventures


Sometimes people wonder what it's like to get together with a friend you've only known through blogging.  I can tell you first hand through meeting Cindy and Billie Jo that it is perfect.

So I knew that meeting Kelli and her family would be wonderful.  Being with Kelli and her family was like...

... meeting up with friends we've had forever

... feeling so accepted and loved from the second I saw her

... feeling safe to share my heart in just one afternoon

... knowing that when my girls weren't how I'd like them to be she deeply cared for them just as they were

... torture saying goodbye

Yes, it was all of that in one day.  All of that goodness.

We drove up to Boston (about 1.5 hours away) to meet up with them in the hotel they were staying at.  I was so excited driving up and walking the short distance from the parking garage to their hotel.  As soon as I walked in the lobby I spotted Isabella, Juliana, Nicholas, and Ray.  At first I thought that Kelli was Isabella. But Kelli was practically standing right in front of me.  (Isabella looks just like her) After a huge hug I already knew I'd found a friend that would be hard to say goodbye to.

We chatted for a bit and then walked to the Prudential Center.  The skywalk observatory has 360 degree views of Boston and beyond.  We went years ago when our girls were little but they barely remembered and it was so fun to walk around and chat with Kelli!

Abigail took the individual tour so seriously!


John Hancock Building 



Looking down at the Boston Symphony Hall.


and here the Charles River.




These two were so cute playing this game together.


And then it was time for lunch! We chose Wagamamas in the Prudential Center.


So grateful for this time together!


We walked through Boston Gardens because you can't go to Boston without walking through Boston Commons or Boston gardens. I so enjoyed walking and getting to spend time with my friend that my camera just didn't leave my bag at all.  I have a few photos of this place taken back on a winter trip back here.  And a summer trip back here.


And when it was time for dessert we found Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury street.



and while the guys left for a Yankee/Red Socks game the girls had cupcakes.

(cutest smile ever)



Next it was time for Duck Boat Tour.


So much fun... a tour boat through the city streets and on the Charles River... yup, same vehicle went right into the water!






Juliana and Abigail got a chance to drive when it turned into a boat!



More shopping.



And dinner out together. Isabella found the most wonderful place for dinner. I think about it every day and have tired to make that meal again but am not even close. We'll be headed back there soon just for this dinner. It will be so worth the 1.5 hour drive! I mean it!

Before too long we were back in their hotel lobby just relaxing.  Just like friends do.


I felt so comfortable and yet so uneasy because I knew goodbyes were coming. I just didn't want to leave. So I pretended that we could meet in Boston any old day we wanted. And that our next meet up in the city would be a few weeks away.

I kept saying in my heart, "Thank you God for good friends. For this sweet family. For what You've knit together. Thank you for Kelli and for my heart all filled up. Help me to say goodbye just for a short while."


I want to thank Kelli and Ray for including us on their vacation... for making the time to spend a whole day with my {complicated} family.  You were all so gracious.  And delightful.  Thank you Isabella for telling us your story and for sharing your passion for healthy food.  Thank you Juliana for being instant friends with Abigail.  Thank you Nicholas for chatting with us about school and your life back home.  Kelli and Ray, your family is wonderful and I'm so glad to call you friends.

This was the day I met a friend that I am so grateful for. One that I will see again soon.


  1. Tara,
    I am sooo very happy for all of you!
    I have been waiting for this post!
    You made the absolute most of the time you had together...
    Love the picture of two of my very favorite friends!!!

  2. How fun and amazing this little blog world is! It looks like it was such a fun day and that last picture of you and Kelli is so beautiful. You two look so happy!


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